Sciani, stimada Fany


Fany was the soul of the house. With her you never got bored, she animated the house like no one else could! Already in the early morning she delighted you with her jokes and her stories of long ago! Stefania Alber was born in Meltina, a small town near Merano. Already as a young woman she ventured into the world of work. She managed a pension on Lake Garda called Villa Stefania after which fate took her to Colfosco where she met her beloved Paul. For years he has managed the Edelweiss Lodge at his side and for some time also the Garnì Fany. She was a very good-humored person, who loved to sing and smile at life! A sincere person like few others. Everything she thought, she said, regardless of whether they were beautiful things or not and that's exactly what we loved about her! Always by her side her beloved Rudi, her little dog who was like a son to her.

In short, our mother, grandmother and great-grandmother was a character! We will miss you.

"Life is a struggle!", You always said. Suddenly, you stopped fighting. It seems almost incredible to think that a few weeks ago we were at the Garnì, all together, taking pictures, decorating, finding comfort in the hope of soon being able to open our doors to guests. You hovered between the tables, Rudi always beside you, curious, you were alive: dear Fany, we want to remember you like this. Full of brilliance and sincerity, you have taught us all the strength and love of those who have never doubted.

Palsa tla pêsc.

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