Autumn in the Dolomites


We want to tell you why we love autumn so much and why it is the most beautiful season to visit the Dolomites.

After the boom in August, there is nothing better than enjoying the peaceful and quiet Dolomite trails. Because if we are honest, the one who is looking for tranquillity in August has probably chosen the wrong month. Not that it's not beautiful, the mountains are always beautiful! :) But it's different, it's noisier, the roads are busy and from the peaks you can hear the motorbikes whizzing up the passes, the peaks are crowded, the huts are full, as well as the shops. For lovers of the "movida", however, August is the perfect month. It always depends on what you are actually looking for.
Autumn, however, has something magical! The sky turns into a clear blue and is often covered by some soft veil clouds, which make it even more fascinating.
 The air is clear and fresh and there is often a slight breeze, but it doesn't bother you, on the contrary, it cools down after the terrible heat in August (for us 25°C is already unbearable ;) ).

During your hikes you will meet few people on the paths, in the huts or on the Dolomite peaks. You will have the privilege of enjoying the pure air and the Dolomites all, or mostly, for yourself.
The hikes will seem less strenuous, and do you know why? Because the air is fresh and the temperatures have dropped, ideal for physical activity. At the top of the mountain you will need a jacket because, as we said, it will be a bit windy.

Our absolute favourite month is October. When the valley starts to turn yellow, orange and red. The forests explode in bright, vibrant colours, enhanced by the light blue of the sky. It's pure magic for the eyes!
Even the locals are fascinated by it every year again. :)

We love to take a walk and then sit down on a bench in front of the Sella Massif, breathe in the fresh air, listen to the wind and the chirping of the birds and fill our eyes, body and soul with the beauty of the Dolomites.

In the evening it gets dark eraly so we can have a rest and sip a hot tea.

Words are probably not enough to describe the beauty of these places in autumn.

We've tried, but we recommend you discover it by yourself. 
We are open until mid-October. :)

See you very soon,
Garni Fany

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