Bëgnodü, welcome in our House, dear guest!

Rooms & apartments

The keys

Our keys are not cards. They are not QR codes. And they don't even have a nice keychain.
They are keys: the same keys with the same plastic key ring that Fany applied more than two decades ago. We asked her to change them, now that we have renovated the reception and the breakfast room: "They aren't broken!", she says.
And she's not that wrong.


Nosta tera, nosta vita Les Dolomites

Our earth, our life. The Dolomites

The place

Fany lived through the pre-glam times of the last few decades and reminds us of humility. This is why we welcome our guests by opening the door to our little world, to let you discover the innate simplicity of Alta Badia. Come and visit us in our small Tyrolean Wunderkammer in Colfosco.

I Ves aspetun.

The breakfast


Breakfast, in Ladin.

The beauty of our valleys is that so many people have been passing by for quite a few years.
So we got used to the Italian breakfast, the German one, the most varied cafeteria to be able to give each one of our guests in their cup, what makes them feel at home - and why not, finally try this Latte Macciato (read with German accent)!

Ci bëireste pa da gosté?

What do you drink for breakfast?

Ti aste bele ciaré ales munts incö?

Have you already looked at the mountains today?

Live us

More than a sophisticated accommodation facility, Garnì Fany is a home. It has been in Strada Altonn, since 1956. A stone's throw from the church and the town center of Colfosco, it is on the road to Col Pradat. From behind the Sassongher looks at our little Ciasa with a reassuring distance, who from this point of view appears slightly less majestic and a lot wiser. Around it there are other houses, the last remaining farms and their farmers, with their trades and their animals. We like to tell you a little bit at a time.

Gnidema, gnidema, i Ves aspetun!

Come, come, we are waiting for you


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