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Our breakfast

What do you need to start the day with a smile on your face?
We use this recipe: sleep wrapped in a nice duvet, perhaps with the fresh air coming in lightly, first thing in the morning a smile, a look out the window and down to enjoy a breakfast made of love and good products.

It's served

every day from 7.30 to 10.00

Dinner and bar

a cutting board and a quarter of wine, the pleasure of being together.

Our culinary tips

Perhaps we're a little biased, perhaps.
But it must be said that at the Edelweiss Refuge you find yourself in a very cozy and comfy place: in addition to the view of the Val Mezdì that enchants in every season, the true gem are the dishes prepared with care and great passion by Gigio and Maria Grazia always ready to put on the next song and ensure that there is a nice atmosphere.
A place that tastes like home. You can get there by walking about an hour starting from Garnì Fany. In winter even with skis, snowshoes or skins. And for dinner at the refuge we will come and pick you up with the snowcat.


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