Our story


Our story begins  long time ago. Well, not that long if you think about how old the Dolomites are, but we have been in the hospitality business for quite a while.

As well as selling rooms with a breakfast, that tastes of grandmother, we also run the Edelweiss hut. This is where mum Maria reigns supreme with Gigio, her eldest son, who is in charge in the kitchen, guiding us with a firm and tasty hand through the culinary traditions of our area to discover exciting tastes. 

Our Thoughts

Autumn in the Dolomites


We want to tell you why we love autumn so much and why it is the most beautiful season to visit the Dolomites.

After the boom in August, there is nothing better than enjoying the peaceful and quiet Dolomite trails. Because if we are honest, the one who is looking for tranquillity in Augus...

Sciani, stimada Fany


Fany was the soul of the house. With her you never got bored, she animated the house like no one else could! Already in the early morning she delighted you with her jokes and her stories of long ago! Stefania Alber was born in Meltina, a small town near Merano. Already as a young woman she ventur...

Keep rather than throw away


We believe in keeping rather than throwing away. We like to think that the objects within our House can take you on a journey not only into the divine landscape in which we find ourselves, but also into the discovery of us, and our journey.

Our beloved Fany lived in times before the glam ...


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